Greek Style Fusilli Bowl

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Greek Style Fusilli Bowl

A spin-off from Thursday’s Greek-style gnocchi salad, this dish is remarkably light, nutty and ensures you use up the left over ingredients because, let’s be honest - we don’t like wasting food!

Fusilli is great for this dish as its corkscrew design (created by rolling out wet spaghetti around thin rods) guarantees that the pasta can hold a lot of the mix, which is why it’s used in southern Italy in many salad recipes, and even in warm soups on a winters day.

Let’s keep this nice and short and get straight to the recipe, you shouldn’t have to be scrolling through a long blog post at the weekend!

Ingredients - Serves 4

1 bag of wholegrain fusilli pasta

1tsp of olive oil

1/2 block of feta

1 lime (juiced)

1/4 jar of pitted black olives (drained & sliced)

1/2 cucumber (halved & finely diced)

Large handful of walnuts (finely crushed)

1tsp of dijon mustard

1tsp of dried basil

Fresh thyme for the topping (optional)

Salt and pepper to taste

Method -

For the Fusilli -

1) Bring a large pan of water to boil with a little salt.

2) Cook in accordance with the packet, it should take around 11-12 minutes.

Whilst the pasta is bubbling away - make it Greek!

1) In a bowl, add the feta and break it down with a fork.

2) Now add the olive oil, lemon juice, sliced olives, finely cubed cucumber, crushed walnuts and the dijon mustard and mix well.

3) Sprinkle in the dried basil and season with salt and pepper.

4) Drain the pasta and return to the pan. Throw in the Greek mix and stir until all the ingredients are wrapped around the lovely little fusilli and serve.

And it’s as easy as that! When you’re living on the road, it’s great to minimise food waste, and don’t be scared about getting creative with it!

If you’re not fancying pasta because it’s been on the menu just one too many times this week, then why not try these Greek-style tiger breads - the recipe is exactly the same, just swap in the tiger bread for the pasta! Also, if you have a blow torch (which I strongly recommend you get if you’re living free on the road) then blast the flame over the feta mix just before serving to get that grill feeling!

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