Stories Captured - A Photography Portfolio

Human life seems to unravel at an astonishing rate, like a juke box that just keeps playing. Years stream by and we can reach a point where we wonder how we got here, and question what key events led us down this path? When we die are we guided to a magical room where we can gaze upon our lives, with all the key moments merrily edited together into a three hour film? However satisfying that might actually be, reality may have other ideas.

What we do know is photography gives us the tools to capture the brilliant, the entertaining or even the mundane; these stories are shot, frozen in time, unable to move or change as only our minds can continue the journey of moments passed. We can look at life as one big colourful set of completely random and unforetold images, each with an endless maze of feelings and emotions. Cameras are a truly magical gift, as we can look back over a life lived, flicking through paused realities and sparking memories of love, joy and laughter once more. I’m sure our cavemen ancestors wouldn’t have minded the privilege!

From documenting our revelrous past to enticing marketing ploys and sassy profile pics, photographs really are everywhere. So, where do we come into all of this? Must a photographer only be a true professional or can we all be one, enjoying our opportunity to indulge in some creative play? I'll leave that up to you to decide. All I know is, if you seek to capture a story just how you want it to be and succeed, it's something very special.

Here are a handful of my favourite photographs, captured over time and always in nature. Each picture paints a road taken, a choice made, and a memory lived. If you want to share yours too #thewilderkitchen on Instagram and I'll check it out!

Picture 1 - Rome in spring - iPhone 6

Picture 2 - Fog descends on a rainy day in Vietnam - HTC m8

Picture 3 - Light leads the way in the Brecon Beacons - Canon 60d

Picture 4 - Beetroot in August - Canon 60d

Picture 5 - One of the most magical experiences of my life. A turtle rises for air off the coast of Indonesia - GoPro Hero5

Picture 6 - A Japanese touch on an Italian afternoon - iPhone 6

Picture 7 - A bee, to busy to talk - Canon 60d

Picture 8 - The colours of modern day Italia - iPhone 6

Picture 9 - A family of tomatoes, weathering an English Summer - Canon 60d

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