The Wilder Beginnings

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Where should I begin? I guess the project was born in 2018 - a year so full of excitement and adventure that it’s hard to pin point exactly when the magic began. Probably the easiest, and definitely the most straight forward answer to that question, would be the moment I purchased my plane ticket from London to New Zealand… but I’m sure you would all agree that would be a bit of a cop out!

So, once I’d arrived and purchased what can only be described as the worlds best car and motorhome - a 1998 Honda Odyssey, I was on the path to freedom and it felt good!

The 1998 Honda Odyssey looking rather dashing whilst enjoying a beautiful sunset!

Many days were spent preparing the Odyssey, out came the original interior and in went a state of the art bedroom. I wouldn’t say I was an architect but I definitely wouldn’t deny it! And so it began. The winding mountain roads, evenings with friends, awakening to the sound of birdsong and unplugging from the chaos of modern life. This was now my priority: to feel free, to sit quietly contemplating the wilderness before me and to be truly grateful for it.

New Zealand had my heart wrapped around her little finger and I was in no place to break free.

Over the year work came and went, roads continued to wind like an endless stream and life outside felt like home. Sometimes I would think back to my time as a chef, working in windowless over-heating dungeons where only the clocks revealed what time of day it was - not exactly desirable!

Nothing came close to the magic of cooking outside, creating recipes in rhythm with the seasons, feeling the wind on your face as you prepare breakfast and overcooking the baked beans because a seagull entered your personal space. What a year it was.

Preparing dinner in nature's kitchen!

Falling in love with fresh air cooking was the beginning of something special for me personally, connecting me to a path followed by ancestors before me, lifting me away from the stresses of modern society and reminding me of more simpler pleasures. This is what The Wilder Kitchen is all about, encouraging you to get outside, light up that stove and just enjoy cooking some exciting food whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or whatever - just get out there and love it!

The Wilder Beginnings

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