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Wild Cooking Island Adventure 2024

As part of a small group we will spend 6 days kayaking 10 - 20km a day through the 50,000 islands of the Finnish Archipelago. Together, after exploring the open waters of the Helsinki Archipelago on kayaks, you will be invited By William Rhys Hamer to explore the wild ways of outdoor cooking with an interactive live fire demonstration. Where local produce and ingredients will be cooked on the burning embers and enjoyed under the night sky and around the campfire. Whether it's beautiful summer salads, cured fish or charred breads, each meal will be different, locally inspired and wild. 

We will spend 6 days at sea, exploring many of the 350 islands, islets and bays of the Helsinki Archipelago which is part of the larger 50,000 islands of the Finnish Archipelago. Each night we will set up camp on a different island, sleeping in tents and cooking hearty meals on the fire. Evenings will be spent exploring the islands, watching the sunset, chatting around the campfire, taking a sauna and a swim before drifting off to the sound of the sea.


Photography by;

 Anna Blackwell  

James Chapman


In Spring 2023, Wild Kabn Kitchen began hosting Supper Clubs, Weddings & Private Events at Kilmartin Castle.

Situated in wild and unspoiled Argyll on the breathtaking West coast of Scotland. Twenty-nine miles from Oban and six miles from the Crinan Canal, also known as Britain’s most beautiful shortcut.

Kilmartin Castle has stood at the top of Argyll’s ancient Kilmartin Glen, surrounded by standing stones, hill forts, and burial cairns for almost 500 years.

Photography (left) by Bill Baillie

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